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The Carré Concept

Anonymous asked:

Oh, I love those! I think they’ll look pretty with other earth tones, maybe a brown or camel dress with black tights and a black bag? Or camel pants? Orrr like say a black skinny jeans with a brown simple tee, and a earth toned oversized cardigan, and accessories for example! The cut of the boots go with everything, it’s more the color that you have to match, but it’ll look great if you keep the rest of your outfit in earth tones too :) x

New site!

Listen up peeps! TheCarreConcept will continue on! It will still be the same, same posts (more even!), same style, same me, just with a better layout! I feel like Tumblr only has a limited amount of options, and I need to expand my blog. So for now you can visit my blog by clicking HERE untill I’ve switched my domain name from Tumblr to Blogger!

So if you have a blogger, or bloglovin’ follow me! It’ll be hard regaining all the followers I have on here, but I’m sure we’ll get there!
Plus! I’ll be keeping my tumblr, ofcourse! For questions, and the peeps who don’t have blogger, or never go on there, and like to keep updated on here! I will still post my youtube videos and links to my blogposts on here, so don’t worry!

I love you, smoooooch! x

iamsamball asked:

Awhh baby, same! I wish you were at our little meetup :(